SRS Security

Security in SRS is maintained through a combination of screen security and value level security.

Screen security refers to viewing or update access to specific screens or specific fields on screens.

Value level security refers to viewing or update access to specific data based on characteristics of both the operator and the data itself. That is, all users will have the following:

User's view and update access to data is determined by the following fields on the operator security profile: Class A has unlimited view and limited update capability, while class B has limited view and update capability.

Class A and Class B operators are able to update courses that are administered by schools, divisions or departments that match those in their security profiles. Class B operators cannot update course information after the last date to change courses for publications.

Operators can also assign authorizations and permits for their own courses to any students.

Operators may view their SRS Security Profiles on Screens 040 and 041.

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