Student Name Search

To locate a particular student's records on SRS, go to any screen that requires a SID.


Enter the nine-character SID number.


Press Enter.

If you do not know a student's SID, SRS allows you to locate the record through a name search facility. This facility is available from any screen that requires a SID in context.


Enter the student's full last name, first few letters of the student's last name, or full last name & first few letters of the first name. Do not use punctuation or suffixes.

If the system finds an exact match on the name, it will return the requested record. If it does not, it will automatically display a list of student names from Screen 002/102, Name Search, from which you may select the student you want to view. Type the line number of the student you wish to view and then press Enter. You will be returned to the original screen with that student's SID in context.

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