Institutional Index File
System Features

SRS provides users with a facility to search the Institutional Index File to verify the school code that is to be entered into students' records.

The Institutional Index File is a worldwide list of secondary schools, colleges, universities and other institutions maintained by the Registrar's Office. Each institution on the list is assigned a seven- digit code.

Institution codes are used in SRS in the following ways:

On any field that uses the seven-digit institution codes in SRS, such as PREVIOUS SCHOOL, or INSTITUTION, type the first letter or letters of the institution's name. The system will display a list of all institutions beginning with or containing that letter or letters in the institution's name.

On Screen 110 from the Previous School field, or from Screens 021, 022, 123, 140, 141, 142, or 143 from the Institution Code field, type in the first few letters of the "key" word in the institution's name. If the system finds an exact match on the name, it will return the requested record. If it does not find a match, it will automatically display a list of institutions that have the "key" word in the name. Type the line number of the institution you wish to select and press Enter. You will be returned to the original screen with that institution's code in context. On Screens 110 and 123, you will need to press Enter again to update the institution code in the data fields.

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