Establishing Context

The context line in SRS is the first line on the screen that you can update. It helps the system keep track of where you are or where you want to go. It means roughly "screen navigation", and is how you move from screen to screen, student to student, course to course, or term to term.

The first field in context is always the Screen field. You can switch from one screen to another by entering the number of the screen you want to see next.

The SRS software always checks the context line FIRST when you hit ENTER. If you have typed anything in the context line, the system performs the appropriate action immediately. It treats any activity in the context line as a fresh inquiry.

If you have updated any field on the screen, you MUST press the ENTER key before you change anything on the context line.

Not all context fields appear on all screens nor are all context fields used that appear on a screen. That does not mean the context is lost. The system tries to make intelligent guesses about where you might want to go from the current screen, and displays the fields that are most likely to change. Fields that are not displayed retain the values you last entered.

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