Timing and Process

The Registration Request period continues through the first two full weeks and the Registration Drop period continues through the first five weeks of each spring and fall term. Both request and drop take place through the first week of each summer term session.

The Registration Drop/Request process:


After the batch scheduling process is run, course adjustments are made and student schedules are mailed. The Registrar's Office changes the term status from Advance Registration to Registration Drop/Request. This means that registration is now in a real-time, on- line mode.


Students obtain Course and Room Rosters from their division/department offices, or the Registrar's Office.  They may also be viewed online on the Registrar’s WEB page.


During the Registration Drop/Request period, students or authorized personnel enter course requests/drops via Penn InTouch on the World Wide Web, or via terminals through use of the Registration Drop/Request Worksheets.

Because SRS processes requests and drops as they are entered into the system, students or authorized personnel know the results of the drops/requests immediately. If permission is required, authorized personnel must enter it into the students' records before the requests are entered.

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