Students on Dissertation/Master's Thesis Status
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Graduate students who are engaged in writing their dissertations or master's theses, although not taking any formal coursework, must remain active on SRS for billing purposes and to track their degree progress.

Rather than re-registering these students every term, the Registrar's Office runs a program called "dissertation rollover" to automatically register students on continuing dissertation or master's thesis status.

If you want your students to be continually activated on dissertation/master's thesis status, before the Registrar's Office runs the rollover program you must register them for a dissertation/master's thesis section.

The process for "rolling" Students' Dissertation/Master's Thesis Status from term to term:


For the student's first term on Dissertation/Master's Thesis Status, the student is enrolled in a section with his faculty advisor as the primary instructor.


Each term, the system rolls each student who is enrolled in a dissertation or master's thesis section to the next term, if the student does not have a "closing" entry on his/her APS.  The exceptions to this process are students in Annenberg or Graduate Engineering School.  They must be registered manually.


If the APS entry is still open, the system enrolls the student in the same Dissertation/Master's Thesis section in the new term.

See "Enrolling Students in Independent Study/Graduate Study (Auto-Section Create) Course" for more information.

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