Registration Drop/Request is a real-time, on-line process, that begins shortly after the Advance Registration process has been completed. During Registration Drop/Request, students know immediately what action the system takes on the courses that they request or drop, through system-generated messages.

Each registration function performed in SRS results in the creation of a Student Course Entry, or SCE, which is stored in the student's academic record.

The SCE consists of the course ID, the current status of the request (enrolled, dropped, etc.), the section grade type, and credit, and other related information. Each SCE, except dropped entries, remains indefinitely on the student's academic record for grading, transcripting, and analysis purposes.

The Registration Drop/Request period opens approximately 3 weeks after the Advance Registration request period has closed, the scheduler has run, course adjustments have been made and students have been notified of their schedules.

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