Moving Students to Different Sections

SRS has a facility called "Section Change/Drop" that allows authorized users to move students from one section to another from their class lists or to drop students from their classes.

See "Dropping No-Show Students from a Course Section" or "Dropping All Students from a Course Section" for more information.

You may also use this facility to:

- move students from one section of a course to a newly created section

- rearrange students in course sections based on certain criteria

Global Section Change/Drop works on only one screen or page of students at a time. If there are multiple pages of the class list, you must perform the desired function on each screen or page of students.

To move students to different sections:


Establish the context line by entering the COURSE and TERM on Screen 194.


Do you want to perform the same function on all of the enrolled students?

- If yes:

- Tab to the first blank space beneath the PAGE GLOBALS field and type R, for request, and the requested section number.

- If no:

- Tab to the blank space at the right of the SID field for the student who you want to move and type the appropriate value or use

the PF2, on-line help key.


Press Enter.

You should receive the message "CHANGED TO SECTION (#)".


If there is more than one page of students to move, press Enter to scroll to the next page. Repeat all but the first step for each subsequent page.

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