Enrolling Students in Independent Study/Graduate Study (Auto-Section Create) Courses

In the Course Term File, we described the auto-section create process, by which departments/schools create a base section for courses like independent studies or dissertation/master's thesis courses, assigning students section numbers either individually or in groups. The system creates each assigned section automatically, when a student requests the section.

The department assigns a unique section number to each student, assigning student 1 section 001, student 2 section 002, and so on. The advantage of this strategy is that each student can then have an individualized "extended title" connected to the course title on his or her transcript.

If more than one student is studying the same topic under the same instructor, the department could assign all the students under each instructor the same section number.

It is necessary to keep track through a paper process of the section numbers that have been assigned; otherwise students might easily be assigned the wrong numbers. Users may use Screen 105, Course Section Scan, to view the course sections that have been created through student requests.

The process for departments to enroll students in independent study/auto-section create courses:


Department/school offices establish a "base" course section number 000 on the course term file or on Screen 129, Course Section Maintenance. This section must be set up (on Screen 131, Registration Controls) with a message of "MSQ": SEE DEPARTMENT FOR SECTION NUMBERS.


Department personnel assign the students a section number for which to register.


The student requests the correct section either through department personnel or through PENN InTouch.  Department personnel use a paper list to track which sections have been assigned, and if necessary may use Screen 105, Course Section Scan, to track what sections have been created by course requests or permissions.


SRS creates the sections automatically as they are requested, or as permission is entered for them, and enrolls the student(s) in them.

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