Billing for Part-time Students in Full-time Divisions

The Billing and Receivables System (BRS) differentiates full-time divisions from part-time divisions. In the simplest terms, students in full-time divisions are billed a flat full-time rate, regardless of the number of courses they are taking. Students in part-time divisions are billed according to the number of courses or credits they are taking.

The full-time divisions are:

- College of Arts and Sciences

- Nursing Undergraduate

- Wharton Undergraduate

- Engineering Undergraduate

- Wharton Graduate, MBA Program

- Graduate School of Fine Arts

- Law School

- School of Social Work

- School of Dental Medicine

- School of Medicine

- School of Veterinary Medicine

- dual MD/Ph.D. programs

- Executive MSE program, Graduate School of Engineering

Sometimes students in full-time divisions may be billed as part-time students, with the approval of their respective deans. Students in a full-time division, to be billed as part-time students are indicated, by changing the SPEC TUIT RATE flag on Screen 111.

This procedure is useful only before the end of the drop period. After that time, you must adjust the student's tuition manually by sending Student Financial Services a billing adjustment form.

111 Student Academic Term Detail             SMITH,JOANNE L


Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Course: __________  Term: 92C FALL 1992


Current Terms:       A C A D E M I C    P R O G R A M S

           Div Deg Major Concn Clc Pcls Minor  School Entry   Pgm   Max     Del

  Primary: COL BA  ENGL   ___  FR  FR   ____    AS     CO     ___  4.50      _

                   ____   ___           ____

                   ____   ___           ____

Secondary: WH  BS  ACCT   ___  FR  FR   ____    WH     CO     ___  4.50      _

                   ____   ___           ____

                   ____   ___           ____

                                 Program Relationship: D     Primary Switch: _

         ACADEMIC STANDING                    SYSTEM FLAGS

           Dean's List: N                  Program Notice: 2

       Director's List: __                   Grade Report: 0

       Academic Status: __                   Tuition Calc: Y

           Time Status: P                  Spec Tuit Rate: __

              Override: _                  Penn Tuit Calc:

          Dissertation:                    Tuit Calc Date:

          Desired Load:  4.50      Medical Classification: __

      PhD Term Counter: __                Advisor Signoff: _

             Birthdate: 111111            Last Maint Date: 05-02-00


To indicate that a student should be billed as a part-time student:


Establish the context line by entering the SID and TERM on Screen 111.


Press Enter.

- Tab to the SPEC TUIT RATE and type PT, for part-time exception.


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