Auditing Students' Registration Changes

SRS maintains and displays a log of registration changes made on Screens 104, 1A4, 108, 194 or via batch transactions. These may be viewed on Screen 1U1, Registration Change Audit. You cannot update data on this screen.

The changed sections are shown in chronological order within a term.

To track the registration changes for a particular section, enter the section ID in the SELECT field, on the context line. A partial ID may also be used to display a group of sections. The character "*" may be used as a wild card character.

Example: If you want to see registration changes for all sections
with a course ID beginning with the letter, "E", you could type in
E*** and SRS would return with a list of all changes made to
sections with subject areas beginning with the letter "E".

To view registration changes:
- Establish the context line by entering the SID, SELECT (if desired), and TERM on Screen 1U1.
- Press Enter.
- Continue to press Enter to view subsequent pages.

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