Waiving Holds

For various reasons, authorized offices may want to waive the hold on a student's record for a given term, without actually clearing or deleting it from the student's record.

A waiver becomes effective AS SOON AS it is entered into the system, and remains in effect THROUGH the term entered. It is important because some functions relating to a term, such as advance registration, take place in the PRECEDING term.

Do not enter a new hold if you only want to extend a waiver through a later term. Simply type over the old date with the new term through which the waiver is effective.

To remove a waiver, just space over the waiver TERM and Enter.

Users who are waiving holds should be aware that the interface between SRS and Student Billing and Receivable may be updated and may replace the hold on the student's record.

To waive a hold:


Establish the context line by entering the SID on Screen 010.


Tab to WAIVER TRM. Type the term THROUGH WHICH the waiver is effective.




Press Enter.

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