Posting Graduation Honors

SRS allows authorized users to record honors associated with a degree or major. These honors are in addition to the honors the student may have already received (for example, Dean's List or Phi Beta Kappa). Examples of graduation honors are:

- distinction in a major

- Latin honors (i.e. summa cum laude)

- Order of the Coif (Law School honor)

When you graduate a student on-line, SRS automatically computes and posts Latin honors. Latin honors include:

- cum laude (GPA 3.40 or greater)

- magna cum laude (GPA 3.60 or greater)

- summa cum laude(GPA 3.80 or greater)

Authorized users can modify Latin honors manually for individual students.

NOTE: The SRS batch procedure does not require a minimum

number of hours for Latin honors.

Grade changes may be made for students who have already graduated and had Latin honors posted. If the grade change(s) affect the Latin honors that have been posted, the authorized user must adjust them manually on Screen 123, Degrees Awarded.

SRS does not calculate distinction in a major or the Law School's "Order of the Coif". These must be entered on-line through Screen 123, Degrees Awarded.

To post graduation honors:


Establish the context line entering the SID on Screen 123.


Press Enter.


Tab to the entry for the degree you want to modify.

NOTE: If there are more entries than will fit on one screen, press Enter to move to the next screen.


Is the student graduating with distinction in a major? If yes, tab to the HON (under the MAJOR/HON) column for that major. Type "D", for distinction.


Does the student meet the requirements for the Latin or other graduation honors? If yes, tab to the HONORS column for the degree and type the appropriate value or use the PF2, on-line help key.


Press Enter.

Result: The honors are posted to the student's transcript and academic record.

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