Graduating a Student on a Leave of Absence

It is possible for a student to complete his/her degree requirements while on a leave of absence, without actually returning to the University. SRS allows authorized users to graduate and post degrees of students in this situation.

A student goes on a leave of absence during the spring term, taking an incomplete in the one remaining course required for the degree. The student successfully completes the course by writing a paper without returning to the University. The course is graded and the student's graduation is posted.

The process for graduating a student on leave is identical to the standard process for graduating a student. See Graduating a Student On- line, for this procedure and more information.

The Graduation action always appears in the Exit Action area of Screen 110, Academic Program Maintenance. When you graduate a student on leave, SRS moves the information pertaining to the leave from the "Exit Action" area to the "Final Action" area of that screen.

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