Changing the Degree Date

SRS assumes that a student's degree date is the official graduation date of the student's last active term, that is, the last term in which they took courses. This date is not always correct, and may present an inaccurate account of the student's academic activity.

A student goes on a leave of absence during the spring term, taking an incomplete in the one remaining course required for the degree. A year later, the student completes the course by writing a paper and is graduated without returning to the University. The date of the student's degree should reflect the term in a which the work was actually completed, NOT the term in which the student was last active.

If DEGREE CHECKOUT TERM is blank, SRS posts degrees with the official graduation date for the students' last active term. You can affect the degree date that appears on the student's transcript by changing DEGREE CHECKOUT TERM.

To change degree date:
- Establish context line by entering the SID on Screen 117.
- Press Enter.
- Tab to the DEGREE CHECKOUT TERM and type the actual term of completion.
- Press Enter.

Result: The correct degree date is posted to the
student's transcript and academic record.

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