Awarding an Alternate Degree

Students do not always complete degree requirements in the academic program to which they were admitted. In some cases, they are awarded an ALTERNATE degree. Authorized users may post alternate degrees to SRS.

For example, a student admitted to a Ph.D. program may be awarded a master's degree "in passing", before completion of his/her Ph.D. requirements.

If the student is continuing with the original program after taking a degree "in passing", a NEW academic program must be opened for him/her on Screen 110, Academic Program Maintenance.

To award an alternate degree:
- Establish the context line by entering the SID on Screen 117.
- Press Enter.
- Tab to the blank space to the left of the academic program you want to modify.
- Press Enter.

Result: System displays details for the selected
program on the right-hand side of the screen.
- If not already entered, tab to the DEG CKOUT STATUS field and type a "5" (cleared for graduation).
- Tab to the GRADUATION CODE field and type an "A" (alternate degree awarded).
- Type the alternate degree code in the DEGREE AWARDED field or use the PF2, on-line help key.
- Press Enter.

Result: The system posts degree to Screen 123, Degrees Awarded.

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