Viewing Students' Grades

193 Grade Display       FR    COL BA  NMAJ   SMITH,JOANNE L

                        FR    WH  BS  ACCT

Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Crs:             Term: 92C


         SPRING 1992                            Quality  Total   Quality  Dual

  Course Title              Course ID    Grade   Credit  Credit   Points  Grade

 LABOR MGMT RELATIONS      MGMT-014-001           0.00   0.00 CU    0.00

 DEVIANCE & SOCIAL CONTRO  SOCI-003-002           0.00   0.00 CU    0.00

 POPULATION & SOCIETY      SOCI-007-401           0.00   0.00 CU    0.00












   Term Stats:    92A  0.000  GPA                 0.00   0.00 CU    0.00

 Career Stats: U       0.00                       0.00   1.00 CU    0.00

 Career Stats: U       0.00                       0.00   1.00 CU    0.00


Through the use of Screen 193, Grade Display, authorized users may view a student's grade record on a term-by-term basis. This facility includes the courses a student took each term, plus his or her grades (including changes), quality and earned credit, grade points awarded, and term and career academic statistics.

When you enter a term in the context line for Screen 193, the system displays the student's grades for that term. By pressing Enter, you may scroll through more grades on a term-by-term basis.

If you do not enter a term in the context line, the system displays the most recent term in which the student was active, then the first term in which they were active. You may scroll forward from that point.

To view student's grades:


Establish the context line by entering the SID and TERM on Screen 193.


Press Enter.

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