The Grading Process

In general, the rules that govern how a student is graded are determined by the grade scheme of the student's division, not by the course being graded. In other words, grades follow the STUDENT, not the course.

Departments may set up certain course sections with SPECIAL GRADING rules that dictate the grades students may receive in that section. In such cases, grades follow the course special grading rule, NOT the student's grade scheme.

A department may set up a course section with the SPCL GRD of "PF". This means that the course section may ONLY be taken for grades of pass or fail.

Each division specifies which special grading rules are permissible for the students in that division, and SRS enforces those limits automatically.

See "Grade Type and Special Grade Rule" for more information.

An SCE (Student Course Entry) is created whenever a course request is entered on SRS. The SCE contains the course ID, the current status of the request (enrolled, or dropped, for example), the grade type and credit, and some other related information. The SCE remains on the student's academic record for grading, transcripting and analysis purposes.

Grades are input into SRS by faculty or their representatives by using the Online Grading system.

Grade rosters in the online grading system contain only those grades that an instructor may assign to the students in the division(s) on the sheet. If a grade is not on the sheet, the instructor cannot assign it to that student.

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