Grade Schemes: Overview

In SRS, the manner in which a student is graded is specific to his or her division. Each division, and in turn each student registration, is linked to a grade scheme for courses taken within and outside of the student's divisions of record.

This documentation describes only the grade schemes in current use as of the Fall 1989. For information on obsolete grade schemes, contact the University Registrar's Office.

A grade scheme:
- identifies valid grades and marks for a division
- for each valid grade or mark, defines rules for calculating earned credits, quality credits (credits that count into the GPA), quality points and other statistics
- lists valid GRADE TYPES--for example, "pass/fail", "audit", or "not for credit"
- for each combination of grade type and grade or mark; determines whether the course counts toward registered credit, earned credit, quality credit, load limit and time status (full/part-time)
- establishes rules for calculating undergraduate student classification based on earned credit
- establishes rules for calculating Dean's List eligibility (undergraduates only)
- determines which opscan group will be used for students in this grade scheme
To reduce the number of opscan forms the system must process for each course section, the various grade schemes have been combined, where possible, into opscan groups, each comprising a subset of grades used by more than one division. Each grade sheet and opscan group lists all the valid grades an instructor may give to the students in that group.

The grade schemes EG, NU, UE, UW, UN and SD are used to grade students in the following divisions:

- School of Engineering and Applied Science, graduate, master's level
- School of Nursing, master's level
- Wharton Evening
- Wharton undergraduate
- School of Nursing, undergraduate
- School of Engineering and Applied Science, undergraduate
- School of Social Work, doctoral

These grade schemes share most of their grades in common, and so are all included in the opscan group "PH".

This means that all of the students in these divisions can be listed on one grade sheet, sharing one opscan group.

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