Overview of Division: Mark of "GR", No Grade Reported

Policies regarding marks of "GR" differ by division at Penn. A mark of "GR" indicates that no grade was reported on the grade sheet for that individual student.

In SRS, a grade sheet with a missing grade cannot be opscanned. The Registrar's Office "bubble" in a mark of "GR" on sheets that are missing a grade.

Students in the divisions of the Dental School with marks of "GR" or "NR" (no grade sheet submitted) are blocked from receiving transcript by an ad hoc program run by the University Registrar's Office.

Courses with marks of "GR" or "NR" (no grade sheet submitted) do not appear on the transcripts of students in the divisions of the School of Veterinary Medicine.

"NR" marks are entered for students in course sections whose faculty have not returned their grade sheets to the Registrar's Office. A mark of "GR", however, means that the grade sheet was returned without a grade for the student in question. (The implication being that some work has not been completed by a student.)

Except for the DENT and VET variants above, marks of "NR" remains indefinitely for students in all divisions.

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