Changing Grade Type

You may need to change a student's grade type in some cases, for example, if the student wants to take the course pass/fail, or in case of an entry error.

Grade type is part of the Student Course Entry, or SCE, created when the course request is entered. To change it, use Screen 113, SCE Maintenance.

In general, students should not change "grade type" once they are enrolled in the course. In any case, users should not change a students' grade type after the close of the "drop" period.

113 SCE Maintenance      FR    COL BA  ENGL    SMITH,JOANNE L

                         FR    WH  BS  ACCT

Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Crs: ITAL110301   Term: 92C


                                                                 R D

                            Gr Off Prv Rpt Ldr Gr  Career Ptr    e i    SCE

Ln St Course ID    Credit   Ty Grd Grd Grd Grd Sc  P 1  2  3     p v    Date

                  _____     __ ___         ___ __  _ __ __ __    _     ________


 1 E MKTG-011-002  1.00 CU                         1               E   06-18-99













      Registered:  1.00 CU                      Page 1 of 1        Next Page _


To change a grade type:


Establish the context line by entering the SID and TERM on Screen 113.


Tab to the space at the left of the course entry you want to update.


Press Enter.

Result: Course Entry is brought to update line.


Tab to GR TY and type the appropriate code, or use the PF2, on-line help key.


Press Enter.

NOTE: Grades that required transformation (from "P" to a

"B", for example) are displayed under REPORTED GRADE, and

the new grade appears in OFFICIAL GRADE.

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