Screen 130 - Searching for Available Classrooms

You may search for a room at the section's meeting times according to its enrollment limits. If you want to scan a list of available rooms at your meeting time, the system will transfer you from Screen 130 to Screen 1C6, Classroom Schedule Request.

The room management system searches for available classroom space and lists available rooms prioritized by subject area, department, or school of the course before displaying rooms open to everyone. This search facility only lists available rooms that the searching operator is authorized to schedule.

The following information is used to search for classroom space for regularly scheduled course sections:

- subject area of course section

- days of the week the course section meets

- starting and ending times of the section

If a course section is already scheduled into a classroom, you cannot search for available rooms. You must unpost a scheduled room before you can perform the search function.

For more information on searching for and scheduling available classrooms, see the section Classroom Management.

To search for available rooms:


Establish the context line by entering the COURSE SECTION and the TERM on Screen 130.


Tab to the FNC (function) field. Type X and press Enter.

- The system displays Screen 1C6.

You should receive the message - "(NUMBER OF) ROOMS MEET THE SEARCH CRITERIA".


To schedule one of the rooms listed in Screen 1C6:

- Tab to FNC field, type S (for Select) and press Enter.

The system will transfer you back to Screen 130, into the selected room.

- To find a specific room enter the building you wish to search, a minimum

seat number and space out the max seat number.

- Press Enter.

- Select the desired room.


To schedule this course section in common with another course section:

- Tab to ROOM DISPLAY OPTION, type C (for Common) and press Enter.

Screen 1C6 will display rooms scheduled at the same time.

- To select a room type "S". The system will transfer you back to Screen 130 into the selected room.


To return to Screen 130 without scheduling a room:


Tab to FNC field, type I (for Ignore) and press Enter.

You will be transferred back to Screen 130 and no room will be scheduled.

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