Screen 130 - Creating Crosslisted Sections

A crosslisted section is a single section that is listed with up to five academic departments in all course publications. Crosslisted sections may differ in course number and title, but must share the same section number, instructor(s), meeting times, and classroom.

In SRS, course sections may be crosslisted only if they have been designated for possible crosslisting on the Course Inventory (entered on Screen 125).

On the term file, one section must be designated as the PRIMARY controlling course section. The Primary section is the course section that controls the meeting days, times, instructor(s), and some registration data for all the crosslisted sections. Any changes made to these items are reflected in both the primary and secondary sections.

All other sections must be designated as SECONDARY crosslisted sections whose meeting days, times, instructor(s), and some registration data are controlled by the primary crosslisted section.

Registration controls that are established for a single crosslisted section do not automatically carry through all the crosslisted sections. This means that if instructor permission is required for the course as a whole, all crosslisted sections must enter the "instructor permission required" code established on Screen 131.

To create a crosslisted section there are 2 fields to populate: the first field indicates which department controls the course; the second indicates which department controls the enrollments.


Establish the context line by entering the COURSE SECTION and the TERM on Screen 131.


If this section is the Primary crosslisted section:

- Tab to the first CROSS LISTING field and type P to designate it as the Primary course section.

- Otherwise, tab to the first CROSS LISTING field and type S to designate it as the Secondary section.

NOTE: Before a secondary can be added, the crosslisting fields on the primary must be populated.


If enrollments are controlled by the Primary section:

- Tab to the second CROSS LISTING field and type P for Primary enrollment section control.

- Otherwise, tab to the second CROSS LISTING field and type I( for Independent or Individual controls of seating, and make sure you include an enrollment capacity.


Press Enter to update.


If the crosslisting has already been asserted by the primary section, the system will display all of the crosslisted course sections with their corresponding enrollment limits.


Secondary course sections are only permitted to change the priority rule, section title and registration controls if they differ from the primary. If the enrollments have been set up to be independently controlled the maximum enrollment in secondary sections may also be changed.

NOTE: Departments setting up cross-listings or deleting crosslistings MUST communicate with one another to achieve these goals.

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