Screen 129 - Establishing Section Titles, Subtitles & Extended Titles

129 Course Section Maintenance         ELEMENTARY ITALIAN       96A


Screen: ___  SID: _________  Course: ITAL110301  Term: 96A

      Function:     A=Add; D=Delete; X=Change to Section

                                                              Time Patterns: 2

      Activity: SEM  Activity Group: _                      Reg Ctl Entries:

Instructor SSN: XXX-XX-3478    Schedule Name: GENTILI N         Instructors: 1

  Session Code:                       Status: C CLOSED             Two-term: _



     Type: CU         Max:  20   Enrolled:  20     Group:  5.0     Sect Ctl: _

  Maximum:  1.00      Min: ___  Available:         Indiv: ____     Spcl Grd: _

  Minimum:  1.00      Exp: ___                    Credit:  1.00

Connector: F            Unclaimed Permits:                         Sess Dup: N

                 REQUESTS:  30     AUDITS:                        PRTY RULE: C

                    DROPS:  10


Section Title: ELEMENTARY ITALIAN           Subtitle Code: 00 Subtitle Print:

Extended Title:                                  Old Section ID: _____________




Change Reason: _                                     Date Last Maint: 02-12-96


When a course section is created, the system automatically takes the SECTION TITLE from either:

Course Section Titles may be varied in three ways:

NOTE: Only the section title prints in the course term publications. Extended titles

do not appear.

Some courses have generic titles in the Course Inventory (Screen 125) and have specific subtitles associated with them on Screen 126 for clarification.

SUBTITLES (Screen 126)

If you assign a subtitle to a course section, it replaces the Inventory title for that section. The subtitle will be the title that prints in course publications.

Subtitles must be established FIRST at the inventory level on Screen 126, Course Subtitles, before they may be applied to course sections. See Entering or Changing Course Subtitles for this procedure.

If you are not authorized to update Screen 126 or Screen 129, you must submit a memo to the Registrar's Office to establish a section subtitle or an extended title.

To assign or change a section subtitle:


Establish the context line by entering COURSE and the TERM on Screen 129.


Press Enter.


Tab to SUBTITLE CODE field and type the subtitle code for the course section, as defined on Screen 126 in the Course Inventory, and type an "S" in the subtitle print field and press Enter to update. When using subtitles, make sure an "S" is entered into the subtitle print field for the proper title to appear on the student transcript.


The Section Title will be provided from the Course Inventory record when the section is created.

Course section titles should only be changed if the course title has changed in the Course Inventory AFTER the section title was created.


Tab to the SECTION TITLE field and type the desired section title.


Press Enter.

Rule - The section title should always match the course title established on the Course


NOTE: This rule does not apply to assigning a subtitle to a course section. When you

assign a subtitle, the system replaces the section title with the approved subtitle.


These are NOT printed in course publications. They are normally used for independent study and topics course sections. Extended titles will only appear on a student's transcript, with the section title, if the subtitle print field is left blank.


Tab to the EXTENDED TITLE field and type the extended subtitle for the course section in upper and lower case.


Press Enter to update.

If only the Extended Title is desired, enter the value 'e' in the subtitle print field, and type the Extended Title in upper/lower case.

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