Screen 129 - Establishing Credit Values

129 Course Section Maintenance         ELEMENTARY ITALIAN       96A


Screen: ___  SID: _________  Course: ITAL110301  Term: 96A

      Function:     A=Add; D=Delete; X=Change to Section

                                                              Time Patterns: 2

      Activity: SEM  Activity Group: _                      Reg Ctl Entries:

Instructor SSN: XXX-XX-3478    Schedule Name: GENTILI N         Instructors: 1

  Session Code:                       Status: C CLOSED             Two-term: _



     Type: CU         Max:  20   Enrolled:  20     Group:  5.0     Sect Ctl: _

  Maximum:  1.00      Min: ___  Available:         Indiv: ____     Spcl Grd: _

  Minimum:  1.00      Exp: ___                    Credit:  1.00

Connector: F            Unclaimed Permits:                         Sess Dup: N

                 REQUESTS:  30     AUDITS:                        PRTY RULE: C

                    DROPS:  10


Section Title: ELEMENTARY ITALIAN           Subtitle Code: 00 Subtitle Print:

Extended Title:                                  Old Section ID: _____________




Change Reason: _                                     Date Last Maint: 02-12-96


The Credit Offered fields of SCREEN 129 are initially populated from the Course Inventory.

If you change the Credit Offered value for a course on the Course Inventory, and the section already exists in the Course Term File at its former value, you must change the credit value of the section. Credit value of a course section in the Course Term File should equal the credit value established for that activity type at the Inventory level. Changes in the course credit should be made on both the Course Inventory (Screen 125) and Course Term Files (Screen 129).

If the Credit Connector is (V) for variable then the student may choose an amount within the limits of the credit minimum - maximum.

For Fixed Connector courses (F) the credit minimum - maximum is generally the same. If a student is allowed to take multiple sections of the same course, usually an Independent Study or Topics Course, then the minimum credit value is the amount of the credit earned for one section of the course and the maximum credit value indicates the total amount of credit that may be earned for all sections of the course. This is allowed if the SESS DUP field in the section control section is set to Y.

For example, a course with a Fixed Connector (F), minimum credit of 1 cu and maximum credit of 3 cu with SESS DUP set to Y would allow a student to register for at most 3 sections of the course.

To change a section's credit value:


Establish the context line by entering the COURSE SECTION and the TERM on Screen 129.


Tab to TYPE, MAXIMUM, MINIMUM or CONNECTOR and type the value. To see allowable values place cursor on field use PF2, the on-line help key.


Press Enter to update.

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