Screen 132 - Defining Section Administration

132 Section Faculty Assignments        ELEMENTARY ITALIAN       96A


Screen: ___  SID: _________  Course: ITAL110301  Term: 96A


Tuition School and Tuition Percentage:(EFFECTIVE 06C)         ORGANIZATION

                                                               School: AS

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___               Div:

                                                                 Dept: ROML

                                                       Tuition School: __

                                                        (THROUGH 06B)

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SEM XXX-XX-3478 100   A     5.0          1.00  GENTILI, NICOLA MASSIMO

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Change Reason: _                                     Date Last Maint: 02-12-96


Most courses are administered by the department and school associated with the course subject area. However there are exceptions - sometimes an organizational entity other than the subject area department (a division, for example) administers the course. Also, a school other than that of the course's department may be designated to receive the tuition from the course's sections. You may define department/division administration and the "tuition school/s" of a course at the section level.

  • Only the department and school that administer a course are permitted to update course section information.
  • Course sections that are administered by a department or division other than that of the subject area may only be updated by that administrative department or division.
  • You cannot redefine the administration of a course section if there are enrollments in the course.

Most course administration is at the department level and the division field will remain blank. For certain "special" administrative divisions at PENN, such as CGS and Wharton EVE, the DIV field needs to be populated. These course sections that are administered by divisions rather than departments can be created in two ways:

- Course section is rolled from the previous like term.

- The division operator adds the course section to the Course Term File.


Establish the context by entering the COURSE and the TERM on Screen 132.


Tab to the ORGANIZATIONAL field that you want to change:





Type the valid division, or department.


Press Enter.

The system changes SCHOOL automatically when DEPT is changed. SCHOOL may not be updated directly.

IMPORTANT: Once the administrative department/division of a course is changed, the

original department or division will no longer be able to update that course section.


The Tuition School and Tuition Percentage for a course section will default to the School of the Course when a course section is created.  If the Tuition/Percentage is to be split you may change the percentages on this screen.  The total Percent of Tuition must total to 100%.

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