Screen 129 - Canceling Course Sections

129 Course Section Maintenance         ELEMENTARY ITALIAN       96A


Screen: ___  SID: _________  Course: ITAL110301  Term: 96A

      Function:     A=Add; D=Delete; X=Change to Section

                                                              Time Patterns: 2

      Activity: SEM  Activity Group: _                      Reg Ctl Entries:

Instructor SSN: XXX-XX-1234    Schedule Name: GENTILI N         Instructors: 1

  Session Code:                       Status: C CLOSED             Two-term: _



     Type: CU         Max:  20   Enrolled:  20     Group:  5.0     Sect Ctl: _

  Maximum:  1.00      Min: ___  Available:         Indiv: ____     Spcl Grd: _

  Minimum:  1.00      Exp: ___                    Credit:  1.00

Connector: F            Unclaimed Permits:                         Sess Dup: N

                 REQUESTS:  30     AUDITS:                        PRTY RULE: C

                    DROPS:  10


Section Title: ELEMENTARY ITALIAN           Subtitle Code: 00 Subtitle Print:

Extended Title:                                  Old Section ID: _____________




Change Reason: _                                     Date Last Maint: 02-12-96


A department or school may want to cancel a course section that already has been published. If a course section has been published in the TIMETABLE or COURSE AND ROOM ROSTER, CANCEL the section. If it has not been published, DELETE it (see Deleting Course Sections for this process).

The system will not allow you to cancel a section that has enrollments. You must first either move the students to another section, or drop their registrations.

To cancel a course section:


Establish the context line by entering the COURSE SECTION and the TERM on Screen 129.


Tab to the STATUS field and type X, for cancel.


Press Enter.


Result: STATUS field reads - "CANCELED", and CHANGE REASON reads - "9 CANCELED".

(The section will print in the supplemental rosters as "Canceled".)

If there are enrollments you must call the Registrar's Office to have the class canceled. The students will be dropped from the course and notified by mail of the course cancellation.

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