Screen 129 - Assigning Faculty to Course Sections

129 Course Section Maintenance         ELEMENTARY ITALIAN       96A


Screen: ___  SID: _________  Course: ITAL110301  Term: 96A

      Function:     A=Add; D=Delete; X=Change to Section

                                                              Time Patterns: 2

      Activity: SEM  Activity Group: _                      Reg Ctl Entries:

Instructor SSN: XXX-XX-1234    Schedule Name: GENTILI N         Instructors: 1

  Session Code:                       Status: C CLOSED             Two-term: __



     Type: CU         Max:  20   Enrolled:  20     Group:  5.0     Sect Ctl: _

  Maximum:  1.00      Min: ___  Available:         Indiv: ____     Spcl Grd: __

  Minimum:  1.00      Exp: ___                    Credit:  1.00

Connector: F            Unclaimed Permits:                         Sess Dup: N

                 REQUESTS:  30     AUDITS:                        PRTY RULE: C

                    DROPS:  10


Section Title: ELEMENTARY ITALIAN           Subtitle Code: 00 Subtitle Print: _

Extended Title:                                  Old Section ID: ______________




Change Reason: _                                     Date Last Maint: 02-12-96


Only one primary faculty member's social security number may be assigned to a course section on this screen. The published schedule can reflect multiple faculty members by using abbreviated last names. However, sections with more than one instructor may be set up (see Screen 132 - Section Faculty Assignments) to divide the teaching load.

To assign the primary faculty member to a course section:


Establish the context line by entering the TERM on Screen 129.


Tab to INSTRUCTOR SSN. Type the social security number of the primary instructor of the course. If the entered social security number is not on the University personnel file, SCHEDULE NAME changes to blank, otherwise the name of the instructor should populate the schedule name field.


Press Enter.


You may use the Faculty Name Search to find the faculty SSN if it is not known. Enter up to 11-characters of the last name of the instructor in the instructor SSN field and press enter to get a list of faculty with last names beginning with the letters entered. Select the line number of the faculty name you want, press Enter and the system will return you to SCREEN 129 with the social security number in the Instructor SSN field. You must press Enter again and the faculty name will appear in SCHEDULE NAME.

The above process is only for displaying instructor information in the published schedule of courses and will NOT include the additional instructor information in the data to be used for course evaluation and/or the departmental teaching analysis (DTA) process. See Screen 132 - Section Faculty Assignments to complete that process.

If you want the published schedule to print more than one instructor name or you want to insert an instructor name that is not on the University personnel system:


Establish the context line by entering the TERM on Screen 129.


Tab to SCHEDULE NAME and type the last name or names, abbreviated if necessary, of the instructors exactly as you would like them to appear in the published schedule, and press enter.

NOTE: You can ONLY remove a faculty assignment by using the 132 screen.

Simply blank out the line with the Activity, Social Security Number, and

Percentage Load fields, and press Enter. You will need to adjust the Percentage

Load of the remaining instructors to equal 100%.

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