Course Term File Process

Every term the Course Term File is populated by the course offerings from the previous like term and the Course Inventory. This is called the Course Term File Rollover.

The Course Term File Worksheet is a report listing all the information for every course section in the Course Term File, by subject area.

For each term, departments and schools note changes that have taken place in course sections on this report, use it for updating data, and return it to the Office of the University Registrar.

The following is the course term file process:


Before each term begins, the Course Term File rollover is run, populating the file with last year's courses.


The Course Term File Worksheets are put on the INFODESK for departments and schools for updating.


Changes to the Course Term File are made online through the corrected worksheets by school and/or department offices.


Course Term File Timetable galleys are put on the INFODESK for departments and schools to correct.


Changes to the Timetable Galleys are made online by school and/or department offices.


Steps 4 and 5 are repeated prior to final printing of each term's course publications. Deadlines are communicated in each of the above reports' cover memos, and are maintained online through screen 133, Term Calendar.


Departments are not permitted to update information online in the Course Term File after the deadline set by the University Registrar. Late changes require school or Registrar's Office approval.

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