Assigning Faculty Load

The University conducts a Department Teaching Analysis (DTA) to record the teaching conducted by each department's faculty. The information required for this analysis includes the contact hours and credit of the course section. The contact hours and credit of a course section are determined by information previously set up in the Course Inventory.

When a course section has only one instructor, all of the contact hours and credit of the section are assigned to the single instructor. However, multiple faculty members are often associated with one course section.

When the teaching load is divided among more than one instructor, the loads are assigned on a percentage basis. Therefore, the sum of the percent of load of all the instructors of the section must equal 100.

To assign faculty teaching loads to more than one instructor in course sections:


Establish the context line by entering the COURSE and the TERM on Screen 132.


Press Enter.


Tab to the first blank line under the ACT field. Type the section's activity type, which is listed as the first field under ACTIVITIES.


Tab to the first blank line under INSTRUCTOR SSN. Type the social security number of one of the instructors of the course section.

RULE: The primary instructor of the course should be the first one listed.


Tab to the first blank line under PCT LOAD (percent of load). Type the percent of the teaching load assumed by this instructor, using whole numbers.


Repeat steps 2 through 4 for every instructor involved in this course section.

- Press Enter.

Important: Make sure that the sum of all of the fields typed in PCT LOAD is equal to 100.



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