Screen 1D1 - Department Descriptions

The discipline/department description consists of the title and any descriptive text that is to appear in the COURSE REGISTER at the beginning of each discipline/department section. Use Screen 1D1 to enter a discipline/department title and/or description.

The following table explains all fields on Screen 1D1, Department Description:

DEPARTMENT Identifies the department that administers the course. Four-letter discipline/department code. (Press PF2, the on-line help key, to get list of values.)
ITEM Specifies element to be entered or updated. 1 - Title
6 - Paragraph 1
7 - Paragraph 2
8 - Paragraph 3
9 - Paragraph 4

Note: Items 205 do not apply to this screen but will be displayed if you use PF2, the on-line help key.

To enter a discipline/department title or description:
- Establish the context by entering the DEPT and ITEM on Screen 1D1.
- At the cursor, type in the discipline/department title in UPPER case as it should appear in the published COURSE REGISTER and press Enter.
- If you want to enter descriptive text to print below the title, tab to ITEM field, Type 6 for the first paragraph of text screen to appear then press Enter.
- At the cursor, type the first paragraph of the description in upper and lower case, and then press Enter.

If you want to enter more than one paragraph of descriptive text, repeat the above, but use:

- ITEM 7 for second paragraph
- ITEM 8 for third paragraph
- ITEM 9 for fourth paragraph.

NOTE: No more than four paragraphs, or four screens of text may be
entered under each
discipline/department's description.

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