Screen 126 - Entering or Changing Course Subtitles

The subtitles function gives you the ability to assign different titles to different sections of the same course. Establish subtitles in the Course Inventory file when you want to predefine the various names under which a course may be offered.

A course must already exist on the Course Inventory before you can enter subtitles for it.

To enter approved subtitles:
- Establish the context line by entering the SCREEN and COURSE on Screen 126.
- Press Enter.
- Tab to the first blank entry under the CODE column. Subtitles are normally coded in numeric order. Type the subtitle code and the subtitle.

NOTE: To enter more than 14 subtitles (one screen), press Enter for a blank screen.

Subtitles should not be modified in any significant way, except to correct spellings or clarify wording. If you have a new subtitle, you should add a new subtitle code and the new subtitle.
NOTE: If you change a subtitle on Screen 126, it will not be applied to existing sections unless you re-enter the subtitle code on Screen 129 for those sections.
You cannot change the number (code) of a subtitle. If you try to key over an existing code, the system asks you to add a new subtitle code. For historical accuracy, once a code has been used, it should remain unchanged. Do not delete a subtitle code unless it has never been used.

To delete a code:

- Tab to the DELETE field for the row that you want to delete.
- Type D
- Press Enter.

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