Screen 125 - Customizing Course Register Information



Screen: ___  SID: _________  Course: ITAL110301  Term: ___


FUNCTION: _     A=ADD                            NEW COURSE ID: _______



Terms:  89A  thru  ___               Dept: ROML  ROMANCE LANGUAGES


  CREDIT OFFERED          CONTROLS              Cross Listed Courses

      Type: CU            Status: _           _______

   Maximum:  1.00       Spcl Grd: __          _______

   Minimum:  1.00           Roll: K           _______

 Connector: F            Offered: C           _______

    Honors: _           Sess Dup: N           _______

Max Repeat: _____

               Contact Hours           Max         EAS Design/Science: __

  Activities   Group   Indiv  Credit   Enr           Distribution Req: _

   1st: SEM     5.0    ____     1.00    18       Course Register Flag: _

   2nd: ___    ____    ____    _____   ___               Subgroup 1&2: 02 01

   3rd: ___    ____    ____    _____   ___            Sched Prty Rule: C

                                                         Course Level: _

Next Course: _______                              Date Last Maint: 10-18-07


The Course Register is a catalog containing course descriptions for most of the pending and approved courses at Penn. The Course Register also contains information on each course's pre- and co-requisites, instructor names, and miscellaneous notes such as fees or distribution requirements. A hardcopy version is published once a year by the Office of the University Registrar and an electronic version is maintained on the office's home page on the World Wide Web.

The Course Register determines the courses to be printed from the Course Inventory. Two fields on screen 125 Course Inventory Maintenance have an effect on this publication:

·  Course Register Flag determines whether the course will be printed in the Course Register.

All courses in the Course Inventory will print in the Course Register unless you specifically request that they be omitted.

·  SUBGROUPS 1 & 2 will indicate how that the course is to be printed within its discipline under a special grouping or groupings.

Subgroups must be established in the Course Register File before they can be assigned to courses in the Course Inventory.

A first-level subgroup is a set of courses comprising one area of study within a discipline. A second-level subgroup is a subset of the first-level subgroup.

For example, Romance Languages would be identified as the

first-level supbgroup and French, Spanish, and Italian as the

second-level subgroup.

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