The Course Inventory File is the "master index" of courses at Penn. It contains courses offered in the past, courses offered now, and courses planned for the future. It contains default information about the course, such as the expected enrollment, and the type and amount of credit to be awarded. A course must exist on the inventory before it can be offered in a specific term.

The Course Inventory File remains relatively constant from term to term. Changes or additions, however, can be made at any time.

Once a year, in the Fall, the Office of the University Registrar distributes the Course Inventory Audit Reports through the INFODESK.  Departments and schools should carefully review their inventory of courses at this time and enter an end term in any course that is no longer offered.

The following Screens give access to the Course Inventory File:

125 Course Inventory Maintenance


Allows you to add or change a course definition.

126 Course Subtitles


Allows you to add or change course subtitles.

127 Summary Statistics


For the 10 most recent terms, shows enrollment, demand, and averages for the total of all sections of a given course.

128 Course Inventory Scan


Allows you to locate all courses for a given subject using a full or partial subject code.

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