Screen 1C8 - Viewing Classroom Weekly Usage
Classroom File

Screen 1C8 displays a diagram of the weekly scheduled uses of a single requested classroom for both course sections and special events.

The Classroom Weekly Usage screen lists general classroom information for a requested room and displays a graphic representation of the scheduled events for a week.

The graphic representation uses the following codes to show scheduled events. Each character represents 15 minutes.

- XXXX - regularly scheduled
- TTTT - scheduled in time conflict
- CCCC - scheduled with another common event

To view the weekly use of a particular classroom:

- Establish the context by entering the BUILDING and ROOM on Screen 1C8.

- For BUILDING, use the 4-character SRS building code.
- For ROOM, use the room number.
- Press Enter.
- To view another week:

- Tab to the WEEK OF field. Type a date of the week you
want to view.
- Use the six character date in the format of MMDDYY.
- Press Enter.

RESULT: The system will automatically determine the Monday
of that week.

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