Screen 1C5 - Updating Search Restrictions

Non-central pool classrooms are scheduled only by certain schools or departments who have complete control over access. Central pool classrooms are scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar and are used primarily by certain departments or schools.

The SEARCH RESTRICTIONS on a classroom profile define which schools or departments either have scheduling preference or scheduling control over the room.

The SCHEDULE CODES are defined below:
BLANK - Room scheduled by anyone with access to the classroom scheduling screen.
R - Room scheduled by the Registrar's Office. Schools or departments in the Search Restrictions have priority when room is scheduled.
S - Room scheduled by the Schools indicated in the Search Restrictions.
D - Room scheduled by the Departments indicated in the Search Restrictions.
B - Room scheduled by both the Departments and the Schools indicated in the Search Restrictions.
X - Room out of service.

You can add maintenance or remodeling notes or other comments about a classroom in the NOTES area on Screen 1C5.

To update search restrictions or to add notes on classrooms:
- Establish the context line by entering the BUILDING and the ROOM on Screen 1C5.
- Press Enter.
- To update SEARCH RESTRICTIONS, Tab to the SCHOOLS or DEPTS field that you want to change.
- To update NOTES, Tab to the NOTES field and type comments.
- Press Enter.

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