Using Student Name Search


002 Name Search


Screen: ___  SID: ________________


              Name                      ID Number     Acad Pgm   Sex  Birthdat

  1 SMITH,JOAN L                       XXX-XX-1356  EDG MSD EDUC  F   xx/19/xx

  2 SMITH,JOANN                        XXX-XX-7838  EDG NON NMAJ  F   xx/30/xx

  3 SMITH,JOANN                        XXX-XX-5443  EDG NON NMAJ  F   xx/03/xx

  4 SMITH,JOANNA N                     XXX-XX-4816  SW  MSW SWRK  F   xx/03/xx

  5 SMITH,JODY J                       XXX-XX-9914  EAS BSE SSE   M   xx/30/xx

  6 SMITH,JOELLE N.                    XXX-XX-5855  SW  MSW SWRK  F   xx/04/xx

  7 SMITH,JOHN                         XXX-XX-9830  EDG NON EDCE  M   xx/31/xx

  8 SMITH,JOHN                         XXX-XX-8353  EDG NON PLN   M   xx/19/xx

  9 SMITH,JOHN C.                      XXX-XX-2331  SS  NUG NMAJ  M   xx/23/xx

 10 SMITH,JOHN D                       XXX-XX-8794  CGS NPO NMAJ  M   xx/08/xx

 11 SMITH,JOHN F                       XXX-XX-7610  EDG MSD TFAS  M   xx/24/xx

 12 SMITH,JOHN W.                      XXX-XX-3018  GEX MSE EMTM  M   xx/01/xx

 13 SMITH,JOHN WILLIAM                 XXX-XX-5701  COL BA  UNDC  M   xx/06/xx

 14 SMITH,JONATHAN                     XXX-XX-2199  VET VMD VET   M   xx/17/xx

 15 SMITH,JONATHAN DARRELL             XXX-XX-5955  WHG MBA FNCE  M   xx/28/xx


   Line Number: ___    Previous Screen: 103     Search Key: SMITH JO


If you do not know a student's SID (student identification number), SRS allows you to locate his/her records through a name search function. This function is available from any screen that requires a SID in context.

On any screen that requires a SID you have two options:

If the system finds an exact match on the SID, it will return the requested record. If it does not, it will automatically display a list of possible names on Screen 002/102, Name Search, from which you may select the student you want to view. The system will then return to the screen from which the search was initialized.

To search for a student whose SID you do not know:


Establish the context line by entering as many characters of the student's last name, WITHOUT spaces or punctuation.


Press Enter.

Result: The system displays Screen 002 or 102 with a list of

students whose names match the string of characters that you

have entered.

NOTE: If only one name matches the string of characters, the

system retrieves that record and returns you to the screen from

which the name search was initiated.


Is the name of the student whose records you wish to access on the listing?

NOTE: You may need to Enter to page through a long list of



If yes: type the number that precedes the name.


Press Enter.

Result: That student's record is displayed, and the system

returns you to your previous screen.


If no: you may add that student to the system using the procedure, Adding a Student.

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