SID: Student Identification Number

A Student Identification number (SID) is a unique nine-digit number that identifies a student to the University during his or her entire stay.

For citizens of the United States, the Social Security number is normally used as the SID. If a student does not have a social security number, or does not wish to use it as a SID, the University assigns an identification number to that student, either through the Registrar's Office or the admissions office of the student's school.

When a student wants to change his/her assigned SID to a social security number or change their social security number to an assigned number, he/she must come to the Registrar's Office in person with a social security card. The Registrar's Office changes the SID through a batch process.

After the change has been made: if the "old" SID number is typed in, the system automatically changes the SID in the context line to the NEW (correct) SID and a message that the SID has been changed will appear.

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