Restricting Release of Student Information

SRS allows students to restrict the release of personal information outside of the University community. This section describes the procedures to restrict student information such as name, address, phone number or birth date.

All academic and nonacademic information relating to persons covered by the University's Policy on Confidentiality of Student Records (November 1974), shall be treated as confidential unless the information is routinely published or available in public records. Release of personally identified records or files, and release of personal information contained in such files, shall be made only with the written authorization of the student.

Only University employees, including faculty, staff, part-time employees and those performing work for the University under proper authorization are NOT subject to the policy on confidentiality of student records.

Directory information may be disclosed from records relating to a student or applicant for admission without his or her consent unless the student indicates otherwise.

The University designates as directory information:

The University exercises informed discretion in responding to requests for information in the records it maintains that directly relate to students.

Students may restrict their Name, Permanent, Local & Electronic Mail Addresses, and their Telephone Numbers through the University’s Online Directory.

Students may request the remainder of the above directory information be excluded from release through their school or division office or the Registrar’s Office.

Restricting the above categories from release has a two-fold effect.

When your request records of students with restricted information the system displays Screen 011 to warn you of restrictions before displaying the requested records.

If a student is marked on this screen as being deceased, the system displays a screen stating that the student is deceased when you try to access the record. The Registrar's Office maintains the DECEASED field along with the school office.

011 Information Release Restrictions


Screen: ___ SID: _________  Crs: __________   Term: ___


                   INFORMATION RESTRICTION CATEGORIES        _  Deceased

                                                             _  Directory


    Name                                _  Dates of Attendance

    Local Address                       _  Major

    Email Address                       _  Degrees Awarded

    Permanent Address                   _  Honors

 _  Addresses for Mail Lists            _  Awards

    Telephone Number                    _  Previous Institution Attended

 _  Date of Birth                       _  Sports Participation

 _  Place of Birth                      _  Weight/Height of Athlete


 _  Send Student Grade Mailer






To enter restrictions on student information:


Establish context line by entering the SID on Screen 011.


Tab to each field that is to be restricted, and type 'Y', for yes.

Result: Entry is accepted and the system displays updated

information. Screen 011 is automatically displayed whenever

student information is requested.

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