Entering or Changing Student Addresses

103 Personal Data Form                       SMITH,JOANNE L


SCREEN: ___ SID: 123456789  Penn-ID: 12121212  Course: __________  Term: ___

                                                             Salutation: ____

    Name: SMITH,JOANNE L                       PPhone: -Intnatl-  --Area Code-

                                                       Ctry/City    & Number--

 Perm Addr: APT 2                                      ___  ____  412-555-1212

    Line 2: 4929 PINE STREET                         Eff Date: 06-18-99     DEL

 Cty/St/ZP: PITTSBURGH                PA 19123        Country: __            _


Local Addr: 1729 SPRING GARDEN ST          Eff Dt: 06-18-99  Exp Dt: 05-31-00

    Line 2: ____________________________   Type: _    LPhone1: 215-555-5555

 Cty/St/ZP: PHILADELPHIA              PA 19104        LPhone2: ____________  _



Birthdate  Sex  Ethnic  Marital  Citizen  Relig.   PAC    Ntv Lng Dissertation

11-11-11    F     A        S        BS      __    403260    ___   Tuition Total

                                                                  Terms   Terms

State   County   Visa  Academic   Contract   Fraternity/  Cupid     00      00

Origin  Origin   Type    Elig.     Tuition    Sorority    Yr Elig

  __      ___     __       Y         __          ___      __  _

 Initial Name:

Previous Name: ___________________________________  Previous SID: ___________


Most of the six addresses that SRS maintains for students appear on more than one of the bio/demo screens.

Example: A student's permanent address appears on Screens 003, 004, and 103.

If you enter an address on ANY of the screens where it appears, the system automatically displays the address on ALL screens where it appears.

The system will format any text type on the bio/demo screens to upper case.

To enter or change student addresses:


Establish the context line by entering the SID on Screens 003 or 004 or 103.


Tab to the appropriate address line. Type the new address. If you are changing an address, simply type over the old one, and space over any unnecessary characters to blank them out. Press Enter.

Result: Entry is accepted and system displays address on all appropriate address screens.

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