Addresses in SRS

SRS can maintain up to nine addresses for a student. The addresses and the screens on which they are entered and changed are listed below:

The permanent address is usually the student's address away from Penn. For undergraduates, it will probably be a parent's address.

The local address is the address of the student during the academic year. Local addresses that are in residence halls are indicated by a TYPE Field Value of 'R' for Residence, and Department addresses are indicated by a 'D' in the TYPE Field and Fraternity/Sorority House addresses are indicated by the value 'A' in the TYPE Field. The residence hall addresses should not be updated on SRS. Residence hall address changes MUST come through the Office of Residential Living.

The Local, Temporary, Parent I, Parent II, Other I, Other II and Emergency addresses must always have a begin-date and an end-date associated with it. If a student has an active temporary address that address is used for all mailings.

The emergency address screen gives the name and address of the person to be notified in case of an emergency. It also gives the relationship of that person to the student and the effective date and the expiration date of the emergency address.

The parent I & II addresses can record two separate addresses for the parents or guardians. Only fill in the parent's addresses if they differ from the student's permanent address. If both parents live at the same address, DO NOT enter it twice.

The Other I & II addresses can record two separate addresses for additional contacts of the student. Only fill in the Other addresses if they differ from the student's permanent address and/or parent addresses.

The billing address is maintained by Student Financial Services. The temporary address is not used by Student Financial Services.

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