Advance Registration Worksheet
Advance Registration

The Advance Registration Worksheet is a form for students to complete, listing their course requests. The form can be used by students accessing PENN InTouch, or by authorized staff for registering students through department or divisions office.

The Advance Registration Worksheet has spaces for 26 primary and alternate course requests.

The following table describes the Advance Registration Worksheet:



Student Name

Name of the student.

Student ID

Nine-digit identification number, usually the student's Social Security number.


The academic term and year. Example: Fall 2009.

Desired Credit Load

The number of credits for which the student wishes to be registered by the scheduler.

Request Number

The number of request; students should list courses in order of their importance.

Course Number

The four-letter subject area code, course number & section number, for example, ENGL010301.

Telephone Course Number


Any Section?

If the student wants to be automatically scheduled into another section of the same course if their selection is not available, it is indicated here.


The credit value of the course, in course units, semester hours or credit hours, when the course has variable or alternate credit.

Grade Type

Indicates if the course is to be taken pass/fail or for a grade.


An informational field for the student to remember to obtain permission for courses that require it.


An informational field for the student to indicate the result of entering THE REQUEST; students will not know the final outcome of Advance Registration until they receive their schedule mailers.

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