Advance Registration Timing and Process

Advance Registration takes place three times a year. In the Fall, students Advance Register for classes for the following Spring term. In the Spring, students Advance Register for the following Fall. In the Summer, the incoming Freshmen Advance Register for the Fall.

The entire Advance Registration process lasts about a month. Students request courses themselves using PENN InTouch, or through University staff using terminals located in the division or department offices, over a two-week period.

This data collection period is followed by an adjustment period, during which time schools and departments may make changes to their course offerings, depending upon the demand for courses as determined by simulation runs of the scheduler.

There is no Advance Registration for summer terms courses. However, students may register for summer courses at the same time that they "advance register" for the fall.




Twice a year, in the fall and spring, the COURSE TIMETABLE, listing the available courses for the upcoming term, is published by the Registrar's Office.


Students determine those courses in which they would like to enroll in and complete an Advance Registration Worksheet.


Course requests are collected through Penn InTouch, or input by authorized staff, using the Advance Registration Worksheet.


After the two-week data collection periods, no changes or additions may be made to the collected course requests, and the requests are prepared for analysis.


A batch process, called the Scheduler, is run to simulate how students would actually be scheduled.


Course demand reports showing the results of this simulation are put out on the INFODESK for departments and schools, who then make changes and adjustments to course offerings, if necessary.


Steps 5 and 6 are repeated twice so the largest number of students can be scheduled.


The final step of the scheduler is a third, live run to actually enroll students in courses.


Schedule mailers are sent to students describing the final outcome of Advance Registration: courses in which they are enrolled and the course requests that failed with the reason for the failure. Students may also check PENN InTouch to see the courses they received in Advance Registration.

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