Advisor Sign-Offs

Some divisions may require their students to obtain Advisor Sign-Off before registering.

Students who require an advisor sign-off cannot Advance Register until the sign-off is entered into SRS.

You can indicate advisor sign-off received through Screen 119, Term Report Flags, or Screen 1A4, Advance Registration or Screen 104, Registration.

Once you have indicated that a student has received an advisor sign-off, that sign-off remains valid for the entire term, or until you remove the indicator.

If you want to indicate that a student no longer has a valid advisor sign-off for the term, you must remove the indicator from the record.

To indicate an advisor sign-off during Advance Registration:


Establish the context by entering the SID and TERM on Screen 1A4.


Press Enter.


Tab to SIGNOFF RCVD and type y, for yes.


Press Enter

Result: Student may now enter course requests.

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