Registration Controls

Registration controls may perform four vital functions in SRS:

- Reserving a number of seats in a course for certain groups of students.

- Limiting the number of seats available to certain groups of students.

- Informing students when a course requires registration for a co-requisite section or sections.

- Requiring students to have special permission to take a course.

The following table lists the types of registration controls in SRS:




Requires the student to have explicit permission from the instructor or department before registering for the course. There are variations that require only auditors, undergraduates to have permission.

Quotas: Reserve Seats

Reserves a number of seats for a certain group of students.

Co-requisite Activities

Informs the students registering for one type of activity that another activity is required.

Example: A course with lecture and recitation sections; students who register for a lecture section are told they must also take a recitation section.

Co-requisite Sections

Informs students taking one section that another specific section -- either of this course or another course -- is required.

Co-requisite Courses

Informs students taking one section that another course is required, but it does not matter which section of the other course they take.

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