Outcomes of the Advance Registration Process

During the scheduling process, each student course request is evaluated by the system. After the process is complete, the system associates a "registration status" with each course request.

These outcomes may be used for course section demand analysis and possible changes in enrollment limits.

You may review the registration status:

- on Screen 107, Class List

- on Advance Registration demand reports

The following table lists the registration status messages with an explanation of each:




enrolled in the course section

Enrolled w/Permit

enrolled in the course section with a permit

Enrolled w/AUTH

enrolled in the course section with an authorization

Reached Desired Load

not enrolled because he/she is already enrolled in enough courses to reach desired course load

Excluded by Quota

not enrolled because course section has limits or reserves

Section Closed

not enrolled because course section has reached capacity

Section Closed, Scheduled in [X] Section

enrolled in a different section

Reg Req'd Coreq [activity type, course or section]

enrolled, but the course has a co-requisite requirement

Prim Act Not Scheduled

not enrolled because student did not get enrolled in the credit-bearing activity of the course

T/C (course)

may not be enrolled, depending on the student's division policy. Student is already enrolled in a course that is in time conflict with this section

Primary Request

not enrolled because student is enrolled in the primary course request with which this alternate course was paired

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