Changing Course Requests

Once students have entered their course requests, they may amend requests as long as the Advance Registration course request period is open.

The only aspects of the course requests that can be changed are:

- grade type
- credit (if a variable credit course)
- the ordering of sequencing for prioritizing by the batch scheduler
- alternate requests

Once a primary course request is entered, you cannot change the course number or section.

If you have entered the incorrect course number or section number, you must DROP the course request and enter a new request. See "DROPPING A COURSE REQUEST" for more information.

In some instances, students may be directly enrolled in courses during Advance Registration, for example, when they have previously been issued permits.

Once a student is enrolled in a course section, you CANNOT make any changes to the information; you must drop the course and enter a new request.

To change a student's course request(s):
- Establish the context by entering the SID and TERM on Screen 1A4.
- Press Enter.
- Tab to the value you want to change and type the new value over the old value.

- Tab to the alternate you want to change and type the new value over the old value.
- To remove the alternate request completely, type spaces over the course ID number.
- Continue to replace the old value for the new value for each course request that is to be changed.
- Press Enter.

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