Submatriculated Students

Submatriculants are students who matriculate into a graduate or professional-level academic program before they complete an undergraduate degree. The student is allowed to count a limited number of courses toward both degrees. Degrees can be awarded separately or simultaneously.

For a short period, submatriculants have two active transcripts -- an undergraduate one and a graduate or professional one.

In SRS, submatriculants have a "primary" and a "secondary" division each term.

A student's primary division is the "division of registration" - the division that administers the student's registration and the division in which the student is counted at the time of the term census.

In general, a submatriculant's primary division remains the undergraduate division.

However, for students submatriculating into LAW, VET, or WHG (Wharton Graduate) divisions, the professional divisions become their primary division.

NOTE: If the student receives a degree from one division before he/she
receives a degree from the other, the remaining division becomes the
primary division.

Screen 111, Student Term Attributes, displays the two programs showing which is primary and which is secondary.

You can switch programs for students using this screen. See Assigning Primary and Secondary Programs for this procedure.

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