Changing Student Majors

111 Student Academic Term Detail             SMITH,JOANNE L


Screen: ___  SID: 123456789  Course: __________  Term: 92A SPRING 1992


Current Terms:       A C A D E M I C    P R O G R A M S

           Div Deg Major Concn Clc Pcls Minor  School Entry   Pgm   Max     Del

  Primary: COL BA  NMAJ   ___  FR  FR   ____    AS     CO     ___  5.50      _

                   ____   ___           ____

                   ____   ___           ____

Secondary: WH  BS  ACCT   ___  FR  FR   ____    WH     CO     ___  5.50      _

                   ____   ___           ____

                   ____   ___           ____

                                 Program Relationship: D     Primary Switch: _

         ACADEMIC STANDING                    SYSTEM FLAGS

           Dean's List: N                  Program Notice: 2

       Director's List: __                   Grade Report: 0

       Academic Status: __                   Tuition Calc: Y

           Time Status: P                  Spec Tuit Rate: __

              Override: _                  Penn Tuit Calc:

          Dissertation:                    Tuit Calc Date:

          Desired Load:  4.00      Medical Classification: __

      PhD Term Counter: __                Advisor Signoff: _

             Birthdate: 111111            Last Maint Date: 05-02-00


Student major is a component of the academic program. Students' majors may change within their divisions and degrees at any time during the term. Only the last major asserted in a term will be saved in the student record for that term.

However, SRS maintains an electronic audit trail through all of a student' major changes which may be seen. Changing majors from one division or degree program to another requires a new APS entry. When you change a student's major in his or her term attributes through Screen 111, Student Academic Term Detail, the change is reflected in the student's APS entry if the term is the student's most recent active term. The previous majors will remain in the term detail for earlier active terms.

If you change a student's major in a term other than the last active term, the change will not be reflected in the APS Entry.

SRS maintains an on-line electronic audit trail of all changes made to a student's academic record on Screen 1U2, Academic Action Change Audit.

To change a student's major:


Establish the context by entering the SID and the TERM on Screen 111.


Press Enter.

If the term record has not been created yet, you should



Tab to the MAJOR field for the program that you wish to change and type the appropriate major code or use PF2 on-line help key for values.


Press Enter.

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