Leaves of Absence

Some students take a leave of absence from studies. When students go on leave, you must close their APS entries with the appropriate exit action.

When students return from a leave of absence, you must open a new APS entry with the appropriate entry action.

Use one of the following exit actions to put a student on a leave of absence:

- LV (leave of absence) determined by students
- AL (administrative leave of absence) determined by school/division

The exit date should be the actual date that the leave of absence takes effect.

Leave of absence require exit reasons. Enter an exit reason when you put a student on leave of absence.

See Closing an APS Entry for this procedure.

Use the entry action RL (return from leave) to open a new APS entry for a student who returns from leave of absence.

Remember to enter a new expected graduation term when returning a student from a leave of absence.

See Matriculating a Student: Opening an APS Entry for this procedure.

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